VE Day May 2020

Due to the 1st ‘Lockdown’ isolating us all, some members used a bit of ingenuity to wave the flag and celebrate VE Day in Style

Chris and Jill set out to celebrate on their infamously slow ES2

A bit slow this one so not going very far today


Just to the café up the road?

Dave Graham set’s up camp

Saluting  the Flag with Dave’s WD16H and WD Model 18


A well deserved pint for the Air Raid Warden


Malvern October Show 2019

Due to a clash of dates we could not attend this show in our normal numbers and to add insult to injury, it was also held in a different part of the Showground site which turned out to be a very disappointing venue

Colin sorting out the display with his critical eye


What a contrast, a traditional Norton Single and a Dommy Café Racer


A good selection



Stroud Vintage Transport Show

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Malvern April 2019

Just a couple of views of the Branch marque at the Three Counties Show Ground

The Branch Marquee at the Three Counties Show

Malvern April Show


Prescott 2019

As Saturday is not a very busy day, we only had a few bikes on the stand with Andy, Louis, Colin, Jim and Keith waving the flag for the branch

Holding the fort on the Saturday

Not a bad spot to be ! right on a corner






Malvern October 2018

The start of another year for the branch with a couple of winning bikes on our stand

Maurice Cox – left & Colin Kent with Colin’s          Plunger Manx


Colin & Maurice with Maurice’s 1968 Commando show winner

Malvern October 2017

This show being on our door step is a must for us with the October event marking the end of our Display Season

Stuart William’s ES2


Part of our Display


The main display

Tewkesbury 2017

This show was well attended by the branch and our display was increased by other Norton owners joining us for the day

            Chris & Jill’s 1947 B3T Outfit

                  Mike Robert’s Model 19


Stuart Williams ES2 & Colin’s line up of  Featherbeds

                  Circa 1935 Model 18


Norton Owners Club at Prescot 2017

            The Line-up begins

            The line-up continues

                        And there’s more

                The marshals are in control

             The Club’s van, we wish it was ours

           Stan Dibben & Ally Gillingham

The featured marque at Prescot for 2017 was Nortons and Gloucester Branch invited NOC members from all over the UK to come along and take part and this is what happened

On the day there were 75 Norton`s from 691`s to CS1`s the Bike Feast raised some £40,000 pounds. Gloucester Branch was the organising Club. This became a National event with members attending from all over the country. The NOC donated £200 towards the Blood Bike Charities. Some 7,000 attended it turned out to be very successful .

Malvern October 2016

Mike’s Big 4 Engine

Practicing for the Fish & Chip Run