Festival of Transport Three Counties Show Ground Malvern April 3rd April 2022

Ben and his 1950 Inter after winning Best in Show

It was return to our traditional early season opener and we were rather looking forward to our spot in the cow sheds. However Lovely sunny weather meant we could display outside and what a good turn out we had. We had 12 bikes covering a vast period and something for everybody to admire.

Our new display equipment was given it`s first outing, there was I felt, a general feeling are we getting back to normal. We are missing one of our stalwarts Ian Dettmer, who without doubt would have been there, but we wish him all the best for a return next year.

Also Thanks to Pam & Malcolm for their contribution to Branch Funds. It was Ben who picked up a Best In Show trophy with his Inter for the Branch, so well done to him.

Chris & Jill Streather

Something for everyone to admire

Chris`s 1939 unrestored ES2

Members bikes

Billy No Mates Meeting – 10th April 2022

      Dave’s day out

Here’s a photo of this Sundays NOC breakfast ride to the Aviator. Looks like you all forgot about it.

A table for 12 reserved for us and only me turned up, the landlord made me buy 12 breakfasts to compensate him. Lovely breakfasts anyway


The Let’s Get Going Season

On Sunday the 5th December, 9 hardy members of the branch made the first winter run of our Let’s Get Going winter season

Ian & Colin managed very well for us on the day at the Silver Fox and the weather, although ok was extremely cold

Mike and his Dommy 99 Looking forward to his Breakfast

Colin looking to thaw out in the cafe

A line up of some of the branch members Bikes

Getting thawed out

The others doing the same

Full of beans and ready for the Off

6th March Branch Run to the Aviator

Awaiting Breakfast

Now for the Crack




The Eric Cox Trophy arrives in the Forest

The Eric Cox Trophy has been circulating the UK based branches to commemorate the life and motorcycling times of Eric and his Norton 650ss

This bike transported Eric for over 410,000 miles for travelling to  work, NOC events and family holidays. He was able to keep it on the road by having a couple of spare engines of which one would be ready to drop straight in when required thus keeping him mobile

On Wednesday the 13th Of October 2021 it was arranged for the then current custodians of the Trophy and its log book, Bristol Branch, to meet up with us in Gloucester Branch at the Forest of Dean Steam Railway’s Norchard Junction

On the day there was a large gathering of members of both branches to meet up and handover/receive the  trophy and it was noted that Bristol Branch, having had the benefit of the spring and summer months, had notched up over 6000 miles with the trophy – a truly great effort on their part!

Bristol Branch handing over the Trophy to Gloucester Branch at the Forest of Dean  Steam Railway Norchard Junction

The Most travelled Norton Known at 410,000 miles and counting

Eric’s Bike with Jim it’s New owner

Some of the bikes from Gloucester Branch who were the first to arrive at Norchard Junction

Later arrivals


Some of the other bikes that made the run


Keith James at the Aviator 6th March 2022
Keith has clocked up 70 miles so far for the Eric Cox Trophy



Fish & Chip Run July 2021

Bikes gathered near the old Flour Mill

The gathering of the Clan
It was a long Lockdown

Filling all of the available space

Dave Graham at Bayeux D-Day Celebrations 2014

Branch member Dave Graham has made the pilgrimage to France for the D-Day celebrations flying the Flag for Gloucester

     Baayeux Parade 2014


                    16h at Bayeux 2014

Fish & Chip Run July 2019

Our annual run to Tewkesbury was very well attended and everyone was well fed by the end of the evening

Little did we know what 2020 would bring with social distancing and only essential travel allowed

We had to cram the bikes in !


Note that there was no social distancing here in the good old days


VE Day May 2020

Due to the 1st ‘Lockdown’ isolating us all, some members used a bit of ingenuity to wave the flag and celebrate VE Day in Style

Chris and Jill set out to celebrate on their infamously slow ES2

A bit slow this one so not going very far today


Just to the café up the road?

Dave Graham set’s up camp

Saluting  the Flag with Dave’s WD16H and WD Model 18


A well deserved pint for the Air Raid Warden


Malvern October Show 2019

Due to a clash of dates we could not attend this show in our normal numbers and to add insult to injury, it was also held in a different part of the Showground site which turned out to be a very disappointing venue

Colin sorting out the display with his critical eye


What a contrast, a traditional Norton Single and a Dommy Café Racer


A good selection



Stroud Vintage Transport Show

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