The Gloucestershire Vintage & County Extravaganza 2022

The Gloucestershire Vintage & County
Extravaganza 2022
Gloucester Branch returned to this mega event after
the enforced shut down. This event gives us as a
Branch, maximum exposure. We were able to
display some fabulous Norton`s including our not
so fabulous ES2. We were lucky that fellow Branch
members Debz & Scruff were helping to organize
the Motorcycle Display area, so it was nice to be
next to them as before. Those who brought bikes
for the weekend and helped set up and breakdown
including manning the stand were, Colin &
Marlene, Malcolm & Pam, Dave & Joan and Jamie
& Gill not forgetting Amy & Katy. We had plenty
of interest, we managed to parade our ES2 on
behalf of the Branch with our Granddaughter
clinging on over the bumpy arena. One feature on
Sunday was a fire up which Colin normally
performs, this trumps most of what is going on for
noise and nostalgia. The longer it lasts the more
rush to sniff the R and listen. Guesting for the
Branch was NOC`s John Young who has just
finished a not so meagre F/Bed Mod 50 to race
trim. The engine has been race prepared, and
special alloy tanks were commissioned. John who
is no stranger to racing and sprints has yet to really
use it at full chat, but a recent Mallory outing
showed this Mod 50 has serious potential, and not
to be taken for granted.

Getting into Show was slow for the entrants,
although this only reflects the popularity of this
mega event.
So apart from Jill diving off the caravan step and
injuring her wrist Thanks for the help to you all. It
remains a great showcase for our branch. Good to
see Mike Roberts and his daughter and Chris
Taylor enjoying the day.
Chris & Jill Streather

Star Motorcycle Show July 24th 2022


Ben Goddard 1950 Inter and Dave Graham 1939 WD model 18, Prize winners

A good selection of Norton history with an interloper on the far end

Fish & Chip Run 4/7/22

Prescott Hill Climb 26th June 2022

After an absence of three years, one of our major events for the
Branch finally go the go ahead.
The weather played it`s part we were given a prime spot in the
Paddock near to the start line. We had carried our entry fee over
from cancelled lock down years. Further tickets were purchased
on behalf of Gloucestershire Branch Full member`s for this
charity event. The pitch we were given has been promised for
next year. We could, if necessary, extend our pitch it would cost
a lot more and we would need, full members machines, that
maybe worth considering. The new back drops and flags we
have now helped to enhance the display. We were sorry that
Malcolm & Pam were not able to attend at the last moment. Don
Harris unfortunately had problem with his bike at the last
moment and came on foot instead.
Ben represented the Branch up the Hill after the first tentative
sighting run, enjoyed the second one much more.
Thanks to Dave, Colin, Jim, Ben, Roger, Don and Jamie for
making the day for us.
Chris & Jill Streather.

Eric Cox Relay Handover To Oxford Branch

The Eric Cox Baton Rally Gloucester Branch Section
Following the mighty Bristol Branch was never going to
be easy, but after the handover of the trophy see 18 th
October 2021at the Forest of Dean Railway it was our
Not much mileage was achieved during the winter for us
although credit to Rick and Keith for stacking up most of
the mileage for us of 1876miles.
I have enclosed our result sheet which is attached to the
Branches Logbook, as it works it`s way around. Our
designated Branch to handover the log was the Oxford
Branch. I thought it would be fitting to achieve this at the
Banbury Run and carry Eric around in the event in our
outfit. This was successful and the handover with the
Oxford Branch Secretary Peter Scatchard was achieved.
Glos Branch/Bristol exchange of the Eric Cox Trophy
at the Forest of Dean Railway Norchard. 13.10.21.
Chris & Jill Streather 20miles.
Rick Slaymaker mileage 214 in conjunction with
the Worcester VMCC.. 17.10.21
Keith James on behalf of Eric Cox Cotswolds Run
mileage 125. 17.10.21.
Keith James Run to the Brecon Beacons 103 miles
Eric Cox Run to the Silver Fox Café Rick, Dave,
Ben,,John K and Chris & Jill.180 miles.16.3.22
Keith James: Brecon`s Talybont,Penderyn,near
Sennybridge mileage 128..2.4.22
Malvern Show on behalf of Eric Cox total mileage
combined 110 miles. 3.4.22
Keith James run to Elan Valley,Kington, Rhayder
return via the Black mountains 152miles 17.2.22
Rik Slaymaker on behalf of Eric, Run to West Bay
with the Bristol total mileage 217. 4.5.22
Keith James run to Prestigne 139 ml. 8.5.22
Rik Slaymaker on behalf of Eric along with Bristol
to Tintagel, Mousehole ,Polperro, 428mls 25.5.22
Chris & Jill Streather The Banbury Run, the Eric Cox
Trophy will be on board our 1927 Mod 44 Outfit for the
40mile Run. The trophy will be exchanged with the
Oxford Branch.
Thanks to everybody, for keeping the spirit of Eric Cox
going. Total Mileage 1876

The Glos Branch AGM 9th May 2022

Our new Chairman Colin Kent on the left and past Chairman Keith King exchanging the” Fiver Container Tin” if you look closely, his folded fiver never actually leaves Keith`s hand!

After a break of a couple of years without a AGM normal service was established due to Covid we now felt able to hold our AGM. Keith King who has been trying to stand down as Chairman since 2019 including Webmaster has now managed to escape. On behalf of the Branch we are so grateful for all his efforts for us. Our new Chairman Colin Kent has stepped into this role as well as Ben Goddard taking over as Webmaster brave man.

Both Jill and myself remain in our roles, Ian who we all miss, was voted in again as Runs Sec, we will all pick up his role, until he is back. A special Thanks also was made to Pam & Malcolm for their donation to the Branch Funds.

We also wish to continue to support the Aviator who have been accommodating to the branch throughout this period and further events are planned there.

Festival of Transport Three Counties Show Ground Malvern April 3rd April 2022

Ben and his 1950 Inter after winning Best in Show

It was return to our traditional early season opener and we were rather looking forward to our spot in the cow sheds. However Lovely sunny weather meant we could display outside and what a good turn out we had. We had 12 bikes covering a vast period and something for everybody to admire.

Our new display equipment was given it`s first outing, there was I felt, a general feeling are we getting back to normal. We are missing one of our stalwarts Ian Dettmer, who without doubt would have been there, but we wish him all the best for a return next year.

Also Thanks to Pam & Malcolm for their contribution to Branch Funds. It was Ben who picked up a Best In Show trophy with his Inter for the Branch, so well done to him.

Chris & Jill Streather

Something for everyone to admire

Chris`s 1939 unrestored ES2

Members bikes

Billy No Mates Meeting – 10th April 2022

      Dave’s day out

Here’s a photo of this Sundays NOC breakfast ride to the Aviator. Looks like you all forgot about it.

A table for 12 reserved for us and only me turned up, the landlord made me buy 12 breakfasts to compensate him. Lovely breakfasts anyway


The Let’s Get Going Season

On Sunday the 5th December, 9 hardy members of the branch made the first winter run of our Let’s Get Going winter season

Ian & Colin managed very well for us on the day at the Silver Fox and the weather, although ok was extremely cold

Mike and his Dommy 99 Looking forward to his Breakfast

Colin looking to thaw out in the cafe

A line up of some of the branch members Bikes

Getting thawed out

The others doing the same

Full of beans and ready for the Off

6th March Branch Run to the Aviator

Awaiting Breakfast

Now for the Crack




The Eric Cox Trophy arrives in the Forest

The Eric Cox Trophy has been circulating the UK based branches to commemorate the life and motorcycling times of Eric and his Norton 650ss

This bike transported Eric for over 410,000 miles for travelling to  work, NOC events and family holidays. He was able to keep it on the road by having a couple of spare engines of which one would be ready to drop straight in when required thus keeping him mobile

On Wednesday the 13th Of October 2021 it was arranged for the then current custodians of the Trophy and its log book, Bristol Branch, to meet up with us in Gloucester Branch at the Forest of Dean Steam Railway’s Norchard Junction

On the day there was a large gathering of members of both branches to meet up and handover/receive the  trophy and it was noted that Bristol Branch, having had the benefit of the spring and summer months, had notched up over 6000 miles with the trophy – a truly great effort on their part!

Bristol Branch handing over the Trophy to Gloucester Branch at the Forest of Dean  Steam Railway Norchard Junction

The Most travelled Norton Known at 410,000 miles and counting

Eric’s Bike with Jim it’s New owner

Some of the bikes from Gloucester Branch who were the first to arrive at Norchard Junction

Later arrivals


Some of the other bikes that made the run


Keith James at the Aviator 6th March 2022
Keith has clocked up 70 miles so far for the Eric Cox Trophy