The Gloucestershire Vintage & County Extravaganza 2022

The Gloucestershire Vintage & County
Extravaganza 2022
Gloucester Branch returned to this mega event after
the enforced shut down. This event gives us as a
Branch, maximum exposure. We were able to
display some fabulous Norton`s including our not
so fabulous ES2. We were lucky that fellow Branch
members Debz & Scruff were helping to organize
the Motorcycle Display area, so it was nice to be
next to them as before. Those who brought bikes
for the weekend and helped set up and breakdown
including manning the stand were, Colin &
Marlene, Malcolm & Pam, Dave & Joan and Jamie
& Gill not forgetting Amy & Katy. We had plenty
of interest, we managed to parade our ES2 on
behalf of the Branch with our Granddaughter
clinging on over the bumpy arena. One feature on
Sunday was a fire up which Colin normally
performs, this trumps most of what is going on for
noise and nostalgia. The longer it lasts the more
rush to sniff the R and listen. Guesting for the
Branch was NOC`s John Young who has just
finished a not so meagre F/Bed Mod 50 to race
trim. The engine has been race prepared, and
special alloy tanks were commissioned. John who
is no stranger to racing and sprints has yet to really
use it at full chat, but a recent Mallory outing
showed this Mod 50 has serious potential, and not
to be taken for granted.

Getting into Show was slow for the entrants,
although this only reflects the popularity of this
mega event.
So apart from Jill diving off the caravan step and
injuring her wrist Thanks for the help to you all. It
remains a great showcase for our branch. Good to
see Mike Roberts and his daughter and Chris
Taylor enjoying the day.
Chris & Jill Streather