The Eric Cox Trophy arrives in the Forest

The Eric Cox Trophy has been circulating the UK based branches to commemorate the life and motorcycling times of Eric and his Norton 650ss

This bike transported Eric for over 410,000 miles for travelling to  work, NOC events and family holidays. He was able to keep it on the road by having a couple of spare engines of which one would be ready to drop straight in when required thus keeping him mobile

On Wednesday the 13th Of October 2021 it was arranged for the then current custodians of the Trophy and its log book, Bristol Branch, to meet up with us in Gloucester Branch at the Forest of Dean Steam Railway’s Norchard Junction

On the day there was a large gathering of members of both branches to meet up and handover/receive the  trophy and it was noted that Bristol Branch, having had the benefit of the spring and summer months, had notched up over 6000 miles with the trophy – a truly great effort on their part!

Bristol Branch handing over the Trophy to Gloucester Branch at the Forest of Dean  Steam Railway Norchard Junction

The Most travelled Norton Known at 410,000 miles and counting

Eric’s Bike with Jim it’s New owner

Some of the bikes from Gloucester Branch who were the first to arrive at Norchard Junction

Later arrivals


Some of the other bikes that made the run


Keith James at the Aviator 6th March 2022
Keith has clocked up 70 miles so far for the Eric Cox Trophy