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Norton Owners Club at Prescot 2017

            The Line-up begins

            The line-up continues

                        And there’s more

                The marshals are in control

             The Club’s van, we wish it was ours

           Stan Dibben & Ally Gillingham

The featured marque at Prescot for 2017 was Nortons and Gloucester Branch invited NOC members from all over the UK to come along and take part and this is what happened

On the day there were 75 Norton`s from 691`s to CS1`s the Bike Feast raised some £40,000 pounds. Gloucester Branch was the organising Club. This became a National event with members attending from all over the country. The NOC donated £200 towards the Blood Bike Charities. Some 7,000 attended it turned out to be very successful .

Malvern October 2016

Mike’s Big 4 Engine

Practicing for the Fish & Chip Run