Informal meet up and Barbeque

10/05/2015 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
WAC Motorcycle Club
Tower Buildings
Perdiswell Park Golf Course, Worcester, Worcestershire WR3 7NW


We have had the following invitation from the WAC Motorcycle Club 

Having met up with some of your members at the Prescott Bike Festival and again at the Malvern Classic Bike Show, there seemed to be a feeling that a local Club get together would be a good idea. So we at WAC are happy to have the first (of many I hope) held at our premises.    This invite will be going out to the Norton Owners Club, Worcester branch of the VMCC, Malvern bike club and the Leominster Classic club.    I think it will just be a good chance for our Clubs to meet up for some chat and a cuppa. And looking forward, maybe an annual event either one Club per year or a visit to each of the Clubs every year.   I apologise for the relatively short notice but we are all busy and active Clubs and I thought to get this in before our ‘Biking Season’ starts up in earnest. It is inevitable that some folks won’t be able to make this date, for which I’m sorry, but I would like to extend an offer for any of your Club’s members to come and visit us whenever they would like.   Motorcycling seems to becoming a more minority activity than it ever was and if by maintaining some small contact between our Clubs we can help us all keep active ,with a healthy membership, then I feel that can only be good for motorcycling in our area.     I hoping that this will all be just an informal meet up so there’s no need to book ,but general numbers would be a bonus for the catering. Please feel free to email me if you have any queries and if you would like a poster or some flyers for your Club house/meet up,       Yours Dawn Thomas Chair WAC Motorcycle Club